Friday, November 6, 2009

Shoes and accessories for purple satin prom gown?

Hi there, I'd like to know what style and colored shoes should go with this purple satin gown. I know silver and black usually goes well with purple, but what about gold? Would gold be too over-the-top with this dress? especially if other accessories might as well be gold too.

Also, should this gown should go with a necklace since the neckline seems a bit bare. But the side of the dress is already embellished with a bow and some shiny stones in the center, I thought maybe less shiny accessories would be better.

Just to provide the context, this is for a formal college dance. I don't play dress up too often, so I'm a little new at this. Thanks for your help! =D

Shoes and accessories for purple satin prom gown?
I wouldn't go with gold, unless it's white gold. It's a beautiful dress. Your right about the neck line...I would get something dainty with a small pentant, and ear rings to match! Good Luck %26amp; have fun!! :D


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